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Top Fantasy Hair Styles Worth Experimenting with for Your Hair

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

A fantasy hair colour is one of the most sure fire ways to grab the attention 'by the hair'. With such vibrant shades adorning your tresses, it won't be long before you will be subject to appreciative glances all around at the next party.

Here is a glimpse of some fun and happening fantasy styles that you can experiment with at a hair colour salon in Bondi.

1- Highlights

This is a trusted way of embracing the vibrancy of fantasy shades without going overboard. They add an aesthetic complement to your overall hair colour. You can make specific strands stand apart from the rest of the hair.

You can easily adapt the element of fantasy into your style without having to undergo a drastic overhaul of your hair colour. Just a few broad strokes of vibrant shades are enough to supercharge your style quotient.

2 – Extensions

Hair colour salons in Bondi vouch for extensions as one of the best ways to implement fantasy shades within your crown of hair. These low cost, low maintenance hair style elements will go a long way to amplify your love for fantasy shades, that too, at a nominal charge.

There is one more reason why we ladies love them. These extensions are super-easy to remove. Hence, they offer zero hassles when the time comes to separate them from your natural hair.

3 – Full crown

Ever thought of going all-in? Then you can't go wrong with the full fantasy head. The various bubble-gum shades now adorn your entire head when you choose to go for the full fantasy head.

But this calls for more effort than other types of styling. Of course, you would want to leave it to the trusted hands of a professional stylist in Bondi rather than make it a DIY project.

To sign off

These were a few ways to add 'wow; to your hair with the help of fantasy shades. Make sure to visit a professional stylist and blonde colour specialist to know the best style options as per your face frame and hair colour.

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