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Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Are you interested in trying out a new look that will enhance your looks? Then try out the tape extensions at our salon. Go for the best quality and natural-looking micro ring hair extensions to impress onlookers. Right from tape extensions and clip in hair extensions to micro bead extensions, we offer a variety of extensions that you can go for. Our expert stylists will suggest the most appropriate extension based your existing hair type, shade, and texture.

Our tape extensions have become popular across Australia. It requires no chemicals or heat to get the extensions added. Since the method is quick, ladies who want a quick fix with a lush mane of hair go for tape extensions. Our skilled stylists have done many such makeovers that have impressed our patrons at the salon. Its application typically lasts for up to 10 weeks, and you can get these re-taped to integrate seamlessly with your existing hair.

We also have specialist skills in adding micro-bead extensions. People prefer this near-weightless form of extension as it does not weigh down their hair or cause discomfort. Our salon experts will ensure fitting these micro bead extensions in such a way that they look like a natural extension to your hair. The best part is that these extensions do not hamper the natural hair's growth and do not cause any damage to it.

Schedule an appointment with us at Hair Scissors & Piercings to get luscious and weave hair extensions done the professional way.

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